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Paul Hoffman

Paul Hoffman

CEO & Founder

Paul Hoffman founded inTandem Health based on his experience navigating his harrowing series of health crises involving a near-death car accident and cancer. He searched far and wide for a mentor with the same condition at his health system to guide him through his cancer diagnosis and address his fears about surgeries and treatments. He never found a peer before his frightening first treatment which made him feel like he failed as a patient. He walked away knowing that one day he would solve this problem for patients facing serious health challenges. He hopes that in ten years no one will feel alone and isolated when facing their health challenges because every hospital care team will include peer support.

Transforming the way consumers experience healthcare has been his focus during his 25-year career in healthcare. Paul has been a creative force within the industry, launching new human-centered products, growing and operating innovative, category-creating businesses, and leading business development functions. It's been a lifelong dream for him to watch patient engagement products that he created touch millions of patients and consumers while driving healthier bottom lines for 1,000 Hospitals including Cedars-Sinai, Stanford, Sutter and UCSF. 

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