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Empowering Human Communities

with a One-to-One Support Platform

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The greatest unused assets at health systems are their grateful patients
inTandem Health is a digitally-enabled, one-to-one support infrastructure that brings condition-based communities together into one centralized platform that allows health systems to manage peer mentor support at scale, improve experience and outcomes, while increasing retention and growth

The Science Behind Peer Mentor Support

Kidney Transplant

Decreased Anxiety Scores for Patients

Breast Cancer

Greater Confidence Shared Decision Making

Kidney Transplant

Higher Activation
Scores Online


Physicians Agree Parent-to-Parent Support Improves Outcomes

Joint Commission

New Best Practice

Peer Support for Cancer Patients

Accreditation Survey Recognizes Care in the Highest Quality Way

Transforming the patient, family caregiver and staff experience with our investment partners…

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Next Level
Patient & Family
Caregiver Support

Empowering your community with a modern peer support platform for patient centered care to activate engagement in patients and caregivers

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inTandem Village

Improve Outcomes for Patients & Caregivers


  • Facilitate meaningful, HIPAA compliant conversations between patients

  • Real-Time feedback from mentors help the care team monitor new patients

  • Allow mentors to share branded hospital education resources with new patients

  • Mentor development resources for accelerating ongoing learning

  • Automated notifications alert users to meet peer & access messages

  • Enable access to patient video stories

  • Streamline patient enrollment process

  • Add layer of support to build loyalty & trust

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inTandem Village LINK

Reduce Operational Burden for Administrators


  • Coordinate and scale peer mentor support in all patients, conditions with one platform

  • Enterprise-grade tools to monitor efficiency, matching, engagement and satisfaction

  • Proactive invites to engage & activate community to participate in program

  • Automate peer-to-peer precision matching customized for every condition

  • Access mentor alerts & data-insights when patient follow-up needed

  • Peer Coordinator direct messaging with trained patient volunteer mentors

  • Capture real-time patient feedback

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Grateful Patients talk about peer support

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“I love how this peer support app and mentoring connects people and makes connections. I call it divine connections." 

Mary, Peer Mentor Program Coordinator, Academic Medical Center

"Before we started using inTandem, keeping track of how often mentors and mentees were chatting or what they were discussing was a real challenge. But with inTandem, not only is it easier to pair them up, but it also serves as an excellent management tool for tracking data such as interaction frequency and topics discussed. It’s like having a handy tool that manages everything in one place.” 

Dr. Yen, Peer Coordinator at Academic Medical Center

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"I’m so excited about what inTandem is doing for us. They are providing us with an online platform so I can go to one system. It’s miraculous."

Tracy, Family Caregiver Mentor at Academic Medical Center

The power of peer support 

inTandem helps your health system to create a community for each service line to attract families, keep them in your system and drive better outcomes

Care Teams on peer mentor support…

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“inTandem Health’s product is what I’ve dreamed of to scale peer support to more patients. It brings major time savings which allows our staff to manage our 37 peer support programs.”

Melissa, Peer Mentor Program Coordinator, Academic Medical Center

“One of the biggest challenges in all of medicine is the uncertainty that the patients face. Our peer mentors give them a perspective on what the journey is going to be like. They lend an ear and they answer questions in ways that we as healthcare providers don't do.”    

Dr. Magee, Academic Medical Center

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“My favorite part of my job is working with the peer mentors. If I could only do one part of my job, it would be working with the peer mentors.”

Stacy, Academic Medical Center

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Anticipate patient needs by uncovering real-time insights for the care team from mentor-mentee touchpoints

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Empower families with information and emotional support to help navigate their condition & health system

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Measure and optimize based on patient & business KPIs that matter to you

Improve Patient Acquisition, Satisfaction and Retention

Increase Adherance and Reduce Readmissions

Reduce Burden on Health System Clinical Resources

Our Category-Defining Product Elevates Patient Support, Marketing & Philanthropy

Create a competitive advantage with personal support for all the communities in the health system

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Improve Patient Retention

Improve Patient Loyalty

Potential to lessen workload of clinicians

Strengthen patient-provider connections 

Facilitate better outcomes

Grow market share & share of wallet

Generate peer stories 

Use peer stories to create a more immersive environment

Encourage philanthropy from grateful patients & families

Attract major gift donors interested in naming opportunities

Inspire transformative investment in specific clinical programs




Patients &


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