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Peers give support

Empower your patients with a modern peer-to-peer mentor support program

inTandem Health’s all-in-one Digital Peer-to-Peer Mentor Support Platform humanizes healthcare and helps improve the lives and health of patients and their caregivers by connecting them with the health system’s grateful patients

How does inTandem Health work?

We help health systems transform and elevate their peer-to-peer mentor program using technology to provide a more compassionate, engaging experience for patients and a more compliant, scalable infrastructure for health systems


By combining the right balance of technology and human touch, we move peer support from the analog world to the digital age allowing more patients to access peer support and making it more manageable for peer coordinators at the health system

Designed by real patients and clinicians


We include the voice of real peer users in the program design and take a systemic approach that removes the complexity from your program to help grow peer support within your entire health system

peers connect via computer

Easy-to-Use Application


inTandem Health’s end-to-end peer support technology manages and facilitates communication between peers and peer coordinators to address privacy and compliance requirements

peer support via cellphone

Engage with proactive outreach


inTandem Health’s onboarding and training platform accelerates adoption of peer support by leveraging key patient touch-points, guiding patients to the right mentor and capturing previously hard to reach patients in need of support

intandem partners

Consulting services create sustainable peer support programs

inTandem Health’s team helps administrators and clinicians in planning, implementing and assessing a new peer support program model that is sustainable and scalable for improving your current program

people in conference

Patient benefits

connect to peers
doctors and staff
peers connect

Connection to others who survived and thrived

How to reduce the sense of isolation and distress

Learn to communicate

with doctors & staff

How to make better

health decisions

Gain deeper

Manage challenges and

decisions at-hand

Change behavior

Engages populations hard to reach by health system

Gain practical knowledge

What it’s like to live with

the condition

Real peer stories on the power of peer support 

in tandem bike riders

What patients want most on their path to healing is to connect with someone who understands their illness and has been there themselves

Hospital benefits

loyal peers
connecting hearts
improved health
health care
Builds loyalty to drive
patient retention
Manages patients with chronic care in vulnerable
Improves health
Increases adherance to support
value-based care
Reduces hospital

Empower your patients, caregivers and families with next-generation peer support technology 

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Health Systems

Breast Cancer, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Caregivers, Diabetes, Neurology, Transplants, Women’s Health, Underserved Populations

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Children's Hospitals

Parent-to-Parent Mentor Support,

Teen Hotline, Young Adult’s Support

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Health Plans and Payers

Addiction & Recovery, Level-of-Care Transitions,

Mental Health, Medicaid-Covered Behavioral

Health Services, Medicare Special Needs, PTSD

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Rare Diseases


“Our mission is to help health systems leverage their greatest untapped asset, their grateful, experienced patients, and insert a peer mentor onto the patient’s care team, empowering new patients to face life-changing health challenges with a patient who has walked in their shoes”

         —Paul Hoffman, CEO & Founder

What our advisory board is saying

By Introducing peer-to-peer mentor support in pre-service, you're helping health systems deliver value-driven healthcare while also reducing their risk

Patrick Hays, LFACHE

Past CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Founder and Past CEO of Sutter Health

inTandem Health Board Advisor

You are humanizing a dehumanizing process


Fred L. Brown, LFACHE

Past Chairman of the American Hospital Association, Past Chair of the Joint Commission and Founder and Past CEO of BJC Healthcare      

inTandem Health Board Advisor

This is a uniquely designed program that can change the trajectory of a patient’s care and recovery when they are fragile by knowing someone is in their corner to help and support them

Dr. Paul Hofmann, LFACHE

President, Hofmann Healthcare Group, Past Director of Stanford University Hospital and Clinics and Emory University Hospital 

inTandem Health Board Advisor

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